Advisory Board

Ms. Wendy Brennan

Marketing Executive


Baltimore, MD



Ms. Brennan has impeccable experience in startup, early stage venture, business development, and marketing. Her expertise in these fields has been implicated in many companies, including audio-visual media industry.  Ms. Brennan’s input and advice will be crucial for “The American Mollusks Beauty.”

Larry Loomis PhD
New Horizons Diagnostic Corporation
1450 South Rolling Road
Suite 2025
Baltimore, MD, USA

Larry Loomis (expert in protein chemistry, microbiology, and immunology) serves as the President of New Horizons Diagnostics Corporation. Prior to founding NHD, Loomis was in charge of the Immunology Department for BBL, a division of Beckton Dickinson. He served as Member of Advisory Board at Advanced Biotherapy, Inc. since 2006 and served as its Director from 1986 to 2006.

Larry is involved in a number of unique discoveries and achievements:

FDA 510k issued for MAB based assay for infectious disease (1983)
Rapid on site BW agent test (environmental) (1991)
Assay functional in Zero gravity for use by NASA (1991)
Rapid 5 minute on-site bacterial screen field validated by USDA (1998)
DOD validated components included in first NDI BIDS for detection of BW agents in the field (1998)
Luminescence Phage Enzyme detection system (2004)

William Straube, PhD
Professor, Howard Community College, Columbia, MD
Dr. Straube earned his PhD in Marine Biology and has tremendous expertise in aquatic invertebrates and marine organisms.

Alakesh Majumdar, PhD
Scientist, NIH (Retired)
Dr. Majumdar earned his PhD in protein synthesis and gene regulation. Afterward, he joined the lab of Dr. Har Govind Khurana at MIT, USA. Remarkably, Dr. Khurana was a pioneer and Nobel Laureate in Protein Synthesis. Dr. Majumdar has tremendous expertise in gene regulation and DNA triple helix.