The American Mollusk Beauty Facial Cream

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Senescence or aging is a natural biological process, in which our cells gradually loss the inherent power of regeneration. Old and dead cells are accumulated locally such as face and neck resulting a wrinkled, pale, and distorted face. The American Mollusk Beauty is a facial cream, in which we add snail and mussel’s saliva enriched with variety of proteases. This proteases help exfoliate the dead skin cells and excel the growth of new cells through regeneration therefore our face looks younger and fresh. Annagen Biotech developed this facial cream upon long time research and development with collaborations of many experienced biological scientists. Annagen Biotech collects these proteases from mussels and snails. Historically, the grinded snails and mussels’ body have been used as an anti-aging compound in Asian and European countries, including Israel, Greece, Korea, China, and India. It is the fundamentals of oriental beauty. The ingredients and formula of the cream is patent-pending under USPTO.

The Mollusk Facial Cream ingredients include

Coconut oil, Argon oil, Olive oil, Borax, Cetaryl alcohol, Capryl glucosides, Bee wax, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Mango butter, Soy lecithin, Snail saliva, Water, Glycerol, Magnesium sulfate, Sodium bicarbonate, Potassium sorbate, Zinc oxide (UV protector), Hawaiian flower fragrance, Whitener

Use: For external use only.

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