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Background: Ultraviolet ray is a part of sunlight. When you go under the sun, you are being exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. More intense sunlight, you will be exposed to more UV. Long time and repeated exposure to UV light is not good for our skin. It burns and damages our skin. It accelerates the skin aging. To protect from intense sun and UV light, the best practice is to get lotion that covers your skin. Based upon the extensive research, we developed a sunscreen lotion that has unique ingredients. It has a very strong UV guard. Once you use this lotion, it will protect your skin from intense sun and UV light. The lotion also contains Vitamin E and Resveratrol, which helps regenerating the damaged skin and breaks the aging process.

Who can use: Anyone who is being exposed to intense sunlight is recommended to use this lotion prior to exposure.

Vitamin E and Resveratrol: We are adding Vitamin E and Resveratrol, which keep your skin healthy and bright. Resveratrol has proven age breaking effects on the skin.

How to use: Use the lotion before going to sunlight exposure. Use sufficient amount to cover up the exposed skin. Spread the lotion over the surface of your skin by gentle rubbing. At the end of the day, wash the surface with ample amount of water.

Warning: Stop using immediately if you have rash, itchy, redness, swelling or feel uncomfortable and consult a doctor. Keep Out of Reach of Children.

Storing: Store at cool and dry place.

Compounds not added: This product does not contain any mineral oil, petroleum products, collagens, lecithin, and lanolin. Research data suggested that all these products may have harmful effects on your skin and body.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Cetaryl alcohol, Capryl glucosides, Emulsifying  wax, Water, Glycerol, Magnesium sulfate, Sodium bicarbonate, Potassium sorbate, Vitamin E, Resveratrol, Zinc oxide, UV protector, Hawaiian flower fragrance, and Whiteners.

Use: This product is for External Use Only.

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