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Background: Our skin has a natural regeneration process, where our old dead cells are replaced with new cells, this process is known as exfoliation. The process tends to slow down with age. The American Mollusks Beauty has used state of the art scientific data and research to combine natural ingredients to help increase the process of skin exfoliation and thus making your skin look youthful, radiant, and lustrous. Except, whiteners, all our ingredients are plant-derived products, which are routinely used in cosmetic industry.  The uniqueness of our products is its formula that we have been developing by years of research in the sophisticated biological laboratory.  Secondly, we are adding snail saliva in this product. We are the first in the USA, who brought the snail saliva added cosmetic product in the USA market. This is one of the achievements for our company. Snail saliva added cosmetic product has been used in many oriental countries such as South Korea, Japan, India and China.

Who can use: This product is developed for regular natural skin. Persons who have natural facial skin, not too dry or oily, can use this lotion regularly. This product is particularly developed for night use. This is a lotion; so it is a less viscous product compared to cream. This product has no oil, therefore it is completely non-sticky. Along with other ingredients, this product contains snail saliva. Snail saliva contains variety of protein having protease activity that chop off old cells from your skin.  Proteases are family of specific proteins that have ability of cutting and removing the old cells from your skin. This product is perfect for daily use before bedtime and washing off at morning with water.

Vitamin E and Resveratrol: We are adding Vitamin E and Resveratrol, which keep your skin healthy and bright. Resveratrol has proven age breaking effects on the skin.

How to use: Use the lotion before going to bed at night. Wash your face with water and use the lotion by gentle rubbing. Next morning, wash your face with ample amount of water.

Warning: This product contains snail saliva. It may cause local or systemic allergy. Stop using immediately if you have rash, itchy, redness, swelling or feel uncomfortable and consult a doctor. Keep Out of Reach of Children.

Storing: Store at cool and dry place.

Compounds not added: This product does not contain any mineral oil, petroleum products, collagens, lecithin, and lanolin. Research data suggested that all these products may have harmful effects on your skin and body.

Ingredients: Cetaryl alcohol, Capryl glucosides, Emulsifying  wax, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Snail saliva, Water, Glycerol, Magnesium sulfate, Sodium bicarbonate, Potassium sorbate, Vitamin E, Resveratrol, Zinc oxide (UV protector), Hawaiian flower fragrance, and Whiteners.

Use: This product is for External Use Only.

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